An ever-changing company that has been around since the end of the sixties, always looking for quality and innovation while respecting the balance between man and the environment. The various generational steps have done nothing but strengthen a leadership which is based on professional and humane foundations, from which emerges the vision of a strong company, and at the same time dynamic, with sales and production policies which are clearly identified, presenting itself as a dependable business in its sector. The company is now a leading company in central Italy, in the production of Insect Screens and sun blinds, made using the best raw materials available on the market. Adequate technical support follows even in the post-sale stage, providing maximum guarantees during assembly and testing, so that all the features found in the products remain unaltered over time. Men with years of experience who have seen the transformations in this sector in all its phases are now ready to take up the challenges of the third millennium.