Pratica is an intelligent solution that revolutionizes traditional roller shutter systems. Pratica catena maintains the typical advantages of spring-loaded insect screens whilst being with a chain. With this system, the net always maintains an optimum tension, as with spring-loaded insect nets, whilst retaining the convenience of chain systems. The use of chain insect screens, where there is frequent passage, is simplified as it allows the handle bar to be left in any position along the guide, without the worry that the screen can rewind and close automatically. The balancing system between the rewind spring and the counterweight, specifically calibrated, cancels out the effect of gravity on the handlebar, making the function fluid and precise, aiding handling and frequent use.

FULL MEASUREMENT: The insect screen will be supplied as per the ordered measurements.
LIGHT MEASUREMENT(to specify): The insect screen will be supplied with 2 mm less in both width and height.

NOTE: At the time of ordering, indicate the side of the chain control (seen from the inside). Available on request is the "double command" option (same side of the internal chain), the "recall spring" range.

COLOURS AVAILABLE For colours that are not on the chart please ask for a quotation. N.B. For the counterweight the available colours are: Bronze Painted; Antico 318; RAL 9010; RAL 1013; RAL 9005. If the colour of the insect screen profiles does not match any of the available counterweights, the Black RAL 9005 will be used as standard, unless otherwise specified by the customer.


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