Unika is an insect screen made with a perimeter profile in aluminium and fibre mesh inside, which can be made in the most varied shapes: square, triangle, trapezium, round, ellipse (production depends on feasibility verification subject to technical drawings). It is characterized by extremely small dimensions and is suitable for installations on openings that do not require a sliding insect net. This insect screen is also available with wire mesh. If measurements reach two meters, it is advisable to ask for a support beam in a greater width. Optionals available: silver aluminium mesh; black aluminium mesh; stainless steel mesh; crossbar: recommended for 2 metre measurements (unless otherwise specified, the crossbar will be positioned at the centre of the larger measurement); magnet (to be requested at the time of order, inserted directly into the frame); irregular shape; arch or circle shape; ellipse shape; peripheral brush; flap-door for animals.


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